Laura Klock


Laura Klock grew up in rural Wisconsin surrounded by motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. Laura not only loved the freedom of riding, she loved exploring how machines worked. Laura and her brother spent many hours taking apart and repairing engines. Laura’s parents divorced when she was young and her father loved motorcycles and stock car racing. As young girl, many of her weekends were spent at the racetrack or in the garage working on race cars. Laura thrived in this environment and this was the time she felt closest to her father. Laura continued riding motorcycles as a young woman, at a time when very few women were riding.

In 2006, Laura Klock set a national land speed record of 143.659 MPH racing a customized Harley-Davidson road glide built for the Discovery Channel’s Biker Build Off TV Series. The bike known as the world’s fastest bagger (a motorcycle with side bags) was built by renowned motorcycle builder and Laura’s husband Brian Klock. Both of Laura’s daughters were at the Bonneville Salt Flats during their mother’s national land speed record run in 2006. After their mom broke the national record at the Salt flats, the girls became driven to race. In 2007 Laura’s oldest daughter Erika, 16 at the time started racing and was followed by her younger sister Karlee in 2008, age 15. To race at the Bonneville Salt Flats all you need is a valid state driver’s license, an approved motorcycle and riding gear. In South Dakota, you can get a driver’s license at the age of 14.
In 2006 Laura gained attention in the motorcycle community by set a national land speed record of 143.659 MPH racing a customized Harley-Davidson road glide. In 2008, she broke her own record with a speed of 153.906. Laura achieved her personal best of 196.797 MPH in the fall of 2011.


  • Date : April 18, 2014
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